Pinterest is Helping Me Become a Better Mother…

14 May

Or at least that is what I tell myself when I have just spent an hour of my precious cleaning time pinning recipes, decorating ideas, and crafts to do with my boys.

Three days out of the week, my oldest son (the Big O) goes to pre-school in the afternoon and baby E takes his longer afternoon nap.  I try so hard to set that time aside to get some cleaning done and other urgent household projects completed–the operative word being “try”.

I swear if it weren’t for Pinterest, my house would be clean, but I wouldn’t know what to make for lunches and dinners and I wouldn’t know how to do half the things that need to get done!

I am completely fascinated by beautiful things people can make out of an old pallet of wood or that you find all kinds of fix-it-yourself tips for your house.  If you check out some of the things I’ve pinned, you might think that I am a very fit, organized, crafty and wonderful cook/baker.

In reality, I am a woman that has a desire to get back into shape, that is also very unorganized (just ask my husband), enjoys attempting crafts, and dabbles in easy recipes. I dream constantly of eating 90% of the recipes I pin and repin.

In my mind, even though I probably spend way too much time on Pinterest and need a “pinter-vention”, I have gotten some quality activity ideas that my boys have enjoyed immensely.  If I can supply my children with that much enjoyment and some wonderful memories of me staying at home with them, it is well worth the 3 hours + of time that I spend on Pinterest each day.

Here are some of the Big O’s favorite things that we’ve done:

1.  Tornado in a jar

Originally found at

2.  Pop pom popper

Pom Pom Popper

3.  Balloon ping-pong

Balloon ping-pong

4.  How many legos does it weigh?

How many legos does it weigh?

5.  Balloon rockets

Balloon rocket


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